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 Welcome to Firewood Connect- your online firewood marketplace       

Your source for the best firewood to keep your home warm and dry this winter season

  • No more looking through online classifieds hoping that “seasoned wood” really means what it promises.

  • Our Sellers are rated by our buyers as to the quality of the wood provided, delivery promptness and other factors important to you.

  • With us you’ll always know what to expect when the wood truck shows up for your firewood delivery

  • Buyers- please join our mailing list  and see our listings  to find firewood suppliers

  • Try our Click to Buy  plan.   Order online.  Get firewood offline.  Everyone is happy. 

  • Our sellers can specify how far they deliver, the type of wood, amount available to sell and other factors you need to run your firewood business

  • We connect firewood sellers with buyers so sellers can concentrate on cutting and splitting without worrying about finding buyers for their best wood.

  • Sellers- More info here Claim your listing here.


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